Lip Balm – Peach Blush


Your lips are made of very thin skin and this is one reason why they  get dry and chapped so easily. Lip Balm is a thick product which when applied to the lips moisturizes the dry tissues of the lips. It further protects your lips when your face is exposed to excess wind , cold or sun rays. Lip balm is also help in reducing the pain which is caused to dryness and heals the lip’s tissues quickly.


Our lip balm is make  up of

Coconut Oil

Petroleum Jelly

Shea Butter

FDA Approved Lip Safe Pigments

Petroleum jelly helps to heal dry skin and lips. Also it helps to trap moisture into the lips and add moisture that isn’t there.

Shea butter softens the lips and provides anti-aging benefits like reducing lip lines and pigmentation.

We have 3 variations in our lip balm

1-Ruby Pink

2-Shimmer Pink


Keep your Lips Hydrated using MeRna’s Lip Balm !


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